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Sarah Solis Design Studio

"Theta was extremely easy to work with and very affordable. They followed up in a timely manner to make sure I was happy with the work they had completed and if I needed to make any changes. Their quality of work is also spot on and helped our client envision plans for the space. Theta paid close attention to detail and captured features of the room that others missed."

Jennifer Kizzee Design Studio

"THETA CAD is wonderful to work with on projects! They are so swift with responses and revisions. Their hard work allows us to focus on other areas of our design business and adds a wonderful professional element to our projects! Thank you THETA CAD!"

Dogan Young

"As a home decor company we have been working and trusting Theta since they first started. Quality work that is done on time. They handle all kinds of CAD work even at last minute projects they delivered on time."